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Our business was started by my Grandfather, Earl Olsen, in 1945.  He worked for the Frank Holton Co and Tony Getzen asked my Grandfather if he would supply him with tooling so he could create trombones.  That's when my grandfather started our machine shop, and he began making parts for The Getzen Co.  Over the years we have worked for The Frank Holton Co,, The Getzen Co, LeBlanc, Conn-Selmer, Schilke, Blessing, SE Shires, Dave Monett, Allied Supply, DEG Products, etc.

It is our mission to supply quality OEM and custom parts to the industry, repair techs, and players at a reasonable price.
 Check out our "Helpful Links" on our "About Us" page for links to some of wonderful people we have worked with over the years!

We have many accessories for trombones, adapters, and tools for player and tech!

Watch for projects to come! 

Repair Techs and players, if you don't see it, use our "Contact Us" page and ask.  Many more products to come!  This site will be updated regularly!
Our Patented Axial Flow Valve available on Vincent Bach horns!  
Also Offered Here for Individual Sale
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